3 Important Launch Heroes That Might Come With Overwatch 2

3 Important Launch Heroes That Might Come With Overwatch 2

While Overwatch is not the newest game out there, the rumor mill for this title is going really strong. The cool thing about Overwatch is that it constantly adds new Heroes, and with a sequel that’s pretty much a guarantee. Of course, the Overwatch team is not taking things for granted and they are trying to come up with all kinds of creative characters. The cool thing about this is that they already laid the seeds for a few characters and the rumor mill is almost confirming some characters.

Junker Queen

The Junker Queen is a part of then Junkertown map lore, and she might end up being a playable character. She has been teased as a potential character for quite some time now, and since people are playing with Junkrat pretty often, it’s safe to say that the Junker Queen is pretty much mandatory at this point. She is playing a role in the Junkrat, Roadhog and Wrecking Ball Story, so adding her to all of this will eventually tie up all those stories and maybe even bring in some new facets of those favorite characters.


We’ve heard about Maximilien for a very long time. He is one of the omnic leaders of Talon, alongside Reaper, Widowmaker, Doomfist and Sombra. He’s been pretty popular as a character at least in the lore, but in the Overwatch 2 trailer we actually hear Doomfist arguing with Maximilien. He’s pretty much mandatory considering how many times he appeared in the story to begin with. It’s really fun to see all of that tie together with the previous content, and having Maximilien to continue the stories of those Talon characters is pretty much a bonus at this point.


Just like all the other names here, Sojourn is also a part of the lore already. She was a guide during the Storm Rising PVE mode and we also saw her in the reveal trailer for the sequel too. So it’s pretty much guaranteed that we will have her there.

We can expect Sojourn to be a part of the missions and challenges, as she was already a part of some of those missions in the initial game.

It’s amazing to see just how much Overwatch has changed in the past few years, and the sequel is definitely going to be making a good entry with new characters, maps, and loadout with rewards. These new characters and many of the ones still in development will bring in cool ideas and some interesting options to the game.

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