League Of Legends Game Overview

                        An introduction to League of Legends

League of Legends is a MOBA game, the main game is played on the map Summoners Rift where two team of five players each face off against each-others. Each team have a base where the players avatars (champions) spawn at, located at the very South-West and North-East corner of the map. The bases are connected by three lanes (top, middle and bottom) with a jungle in between. The jungle is sectioned off by a river running in between lanes from South-East to North-West part of the map. A wave of minion’s spawn into each lane every 30 seconds: each wave includes 3 ranged and 3 melee minions, in addition every 3rd wave spawns a durable cannon minion. Each lane has 3 turrets, the third turret is the inhibitor defending turret, the gateway to the base. Taking down the enemy inhibitor causes a super-minions to spawn each wave to said lane, helping you to defeat the enemy base. The goal of each game is to take down all turrets, inhibitor to then kill the enemy base turrets as well as their base.

Monsters spawn in the jungle and respawn after a couple of minutes after slayed, in the river a crab wanders around. Gaining the killing blow of minions and monsters gain gold that can be used to buy items which make you more powerful. Experienced are gained by being near a dying enemy minion and when gaining the killing blow of a monster. The entire team may see a teammates or a wards vision field, the rest of the map will remain in the tug of war. Wards are “vision giving sticks” bought at the base fountain or gained passively through your trinket.

At the south-east river side, a dragon spawn each five minutes, killing the dragon empowers your team. The North-west side of the river has the Barron Nashor, killing Barron will give combat stats as well as making nearby minions stronger to easily take down structures.

Each player gets to choose between 145+ champions in the game, each champion comes with a unique toolkit. Although every champions uniqueness they may still be divided into categories.

  1. There are attack-damage carries (adc) which are ranged auto-attack based champions with low amounts of defensive tools. These champions are commonly played in the bottom lane, ideally getting funnelled as many resources as possible in order to scale later into the game.
  2. Mages are champions which mostly deal magic damage and have various tools which can defend them, but if misused their health pool might not be enough to protect them. These champions are mainly played in the middle lane, sometimes in the bottom lane as the support (the player which does facilitate the adc.
  3. Assassins, deadly champions with high mobility and burst output which make up for their lack consistent damage and defensive tools, often played in the middle lane or jungle.
  4. Bruisers, bulky champion which pack a punch. Melee champions that lack consistent damage, but thrive with their high health, sustaining tools and situational mobility
  5. Juggernauts, immobile, tanky champions with sustained damage and healing tools.
  6. Tanks, high crowd-controlling champions with limiting tools to deal damage in the later portion of the game.
  7. Enchanters, healing and shielding champions with crowd-control, which excels at facilitating carries.
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